Tobin Sprout is an American artist, musician and children’s book creator. As a musician, he was well known as a founding member of the indie rock band Guided By Voices before going out on his own, releasing his first solo album, Carnival Boy, in 1996. As an artist, Tobin is famous for his large format paintings, especially the “photo-realistic” series, although he does paint in other styles as well. His children’s book, Elliott, about a magician’s rabbit who finds the courage to leave the safety of his top hat, has sold out of its first and second printing.  Now in it's third printing, it has been totally re-designed with additional artwork and Illustrated page numbers.

New Elliott - Release date Sept 15, 2023 

Tobin was born in 1955 in Dayton, Ohio and studied graphic design and illustration at Ohio University. In addition to his fine art, you may have seen his work for a host of corporate clients including AT&T, Budweiser, the Ford Motor Company, Universal Studios, and more. His fine art has appeared in several juried shows, art journals and gallery shows, including one-man shows in Leland Michigan, Chicago, and group show in LA and NYC. 

As a musician, Tobin has inspired a loyal fan base for his music. He has released 10 solo albums, and toured to support them. Tobin records many of his songs at his home studio, Moonflower Studio in Leland Michigan.

Tobin has written and illustrated two books, Elliott (2009) and Tinky Puts His Little Moon To Bed (2013) He also created and sold prints from the Elliott illustrations. Now working on a third book Buster. 

Tobin lives in Leland, Michigan with his artist wife, Laura and two grown children, Turner and Martha.


Solo Artist Discography:


  • 1996 – Carnival Boy
  • 1997 - Moonflower Plastic
  • 1999 - Let's Welcome the Circus People
  • 2001 - Demos and Outtakes (double LP)
  • 2003 - Lost Planets & Phantom Voices
  • 2005 - Live at the Horseshoe Tavern
  • 2010 – The Bluebirds Of Happiness Tried To Land on My Shoulder
  • 2017 – The Universe & Me
  • 2020 – Empty Horses
  • 2023 - Demos and Outtakes Two  (double LP)  Release date Sept-15, 2023 

Singles and Eps

  • 1996 – Popstram
  • 1998 – Wax Nails
  • 2001 – Let Go Of My Beautiful Balloon
  • 2002 – Sentimental Stations
  • 2010 – Antietam ( also included on Empty Horses )   
  • 2016-  Just One Kid (Takes On The World)
  • 2021-  Supersonic Chairman b/w We Should Be Wishing  w/ Booklet of  Tobin's small paintings

Movie Score

        2006 - Fortunes - a film by Matt Salzburg